Four Marks author Chris Heal normally writes international thrillers and serious histories. However, as a 100th birthday present for his mother, he agreed to an unusual anniversary request – a book of twenty local murders, each story carefully researched and documented. The twenty-first chapter takes a detailed and revelatory look at the history of Four Marks. Heal is 73 years old and holds a recent doctorate from Bristol University. ‘I don’t hold a magic magnet for this sort of information,’ he explained, ‘but you will understand that once you start asking, once you start looking, then people start talking and the records start sharing. Odd facts jump out from unrelated pages and take new meanings. People brood for a month or two, then make contact. Some of the information is funny, some a wind-up quickly disproved, but a lot of the stories are plain scary. Collecting murders is like rolling a snowball: the more you ask, the more you get.’

How to get hold of it

  1. Buyers with connections local to Four Marks who arrange a delivery address in the GU34 1, 3, 4, 5 and SO24 0, 9 postcodes, visit, order online by PayPal or credit or debit card, and receive free doorstep delivery with ten days.
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  1. £12.99. Printed by Sarsen Press, Winchester.
  2. RRP is £15.99 plus any p&p. Printed on demand by Lightning Source.

Other information

  • Paperback, 330 pages, 60 b&w illustrations, 18 maps (eight new), charts, appendices, timeline, further reading, chapter endnotes.
  • ISBN: 978-1-9161944-2-7