Book production & printing

Sarsen Press produces more than 100 books a year. We are not publishers, but if you are looking for a company to produce a book for you then please have a look at the information below.

How to specify what you want: 

Supplying the contents

These days a book will normally have been written on a computer so most people supply us with a digital file, most commonly having used Microsoft Word.

Assuming you have the manuscript in Word then you have two choices. The first is that you lay it out yourself so that it looks exactly as you want the final page to look. If the final size of the page is A5 then if you set your book up on an A4 sheet, if you use 16 point for the text we can reduce it to A5 and it will print as 11 point. We would need you to supply your Word file as a pdf because Word does not embed fonts and if we do not have exactly the same version of the font that you are using the text may reflow. You will receive proof copies of the book from us at every stage so that you can be sure that everything is as you want it to be.

The other alternative is that you can pay us to design and layout the book from your Word files and jpg images (for photographs for example). We would give you our best estimate of the cost of this part of the job, but this aspect has to be an estimate rather than a quotation because of the possibility that unforeseen problems arise. You will need to allow plenty of time for this part of the job because you will need to see more than one proof before it is ready to print.


Number of pages

A ‘page’ is one side of a sheet of paper. If you are supplying a pdf then you will be able to tell us the number of pages. Depending on how the book is being bound it may be necessary to add blank pages at the end to make the book a multiple of 4, 8 or 16 pages. If we are designing and setting the book for you we won’t know exactly how many pages it will be until we have finished that process, though we should be able to make a reasonably accurate estimate.


Colour or black and white

We always allow for the cover being in colour, but the contents may be either black and white or colour, or a mixture of both. If we are printing the book then our software can distinguish between a page with colour and a page in black and white which reduces the printing cost (with digital printing the cost per colour page is several times the cost of a black and white page).

above, if we are doing the design and typesetting will probably take several weeks before the book can be finally signed off. If the book is not being printed by us in-house then it will take at least three weeks, and longer at busy times of the year. If you are having a book launch always build in extra time in case there is an unexpected hold-up.

Finished size

A5 is the most economical trimmed size for a book because it means that four pages fit onto an SRA3 sheet. With digital print each sheet through the machine costs the same. Any final book size larger than A5 means that only two pages can be fitted onto a sheet.


Our paper is Carbon Neutral and FSC. We would normally print on 90gsm or 100gsm white bond. Other possibilities are thicker paper, different colours, and silk. All of these are more expensive than the standard. 


We produce perfect bound paperback books in house. Glue technology has greatly improved recently and our glue is suitable for most applications. However, if your book is going to be subject to a lot of wear and tear it may need to be PUR bound, which would allow it to be opened flat without the risk of pages becoming detached, or in some cases sewn in sections to give it even better strength and longevity. If you require those sorts of binding we would get prices from the trade specialists that we deal with. If you require case binding then again we would get prices from trade specialists, unless it was for a very few copies in which case we would ask one of the craft binders that we deal with for a price.


Most of the books we print in-house are runs of 200 or less. For longer runs we can get you good prices from the trade specialists we deal with.


Although it is possible for us to turn a book around in a few days if we receive print ready pdf files it normally takes longer than that. As noted above, if we are doing the design and typesetting will probably take several weeks before the book can be finally signed off. If the book is not being printed by us in-house then it will take at least three weeks, and longer at busy times of the year. If you are having a book launch always build in extra time in case there is an unexpected hold-up.

How and where your book is printed depends on a number of factors. We have the equipment to print and bind paperback books in house, so most of the short-run titles we do are printed by us. For longer runs, books that require sewing in sections, and for casebound books we use our extensive connections in the book printing trade to get you the best deal we can. We would suggest that you get alternative prices, but you should bear in mind that if you use an on-line company you may not get the personal service and attention that you would get from us.

To see a list of the works we have produced scroll down.

Sarsen Press books

6.45 pm: Poems by Hampshire Young WordsmithsRobyn Bolam (ed.)2018
A Big Year in a Bad LifeJeffrey Burton2015
A Brush with Birds of ParadiseJames Spencer2019
A Cat Called SmokeyDiana Brooks2019
Access One Step: the official history of the Joiners ArmsOliver Gray2006
A Celebration of Petersfield: a town and its peopleThe Petersfield Society2015
A Century of Cathedral Music 1898 - 1998John Patton2000
Across the Halls of TimeAnon2005
A Family in Peace and WarPhilip Morgan2009
A Few Poor PetalsMichael Lupton2014
A Few More Poor PetalsMicheal Lupton2018
A Fragile SocietyGeorge Brown2006
African Military Tracking ManualsAlan Steele (ed.)2018
Afghanistan then and nowMichael Semple2008
A Glimpse of Stockbridge PastGeoff Merritt2014
A History of the Quakers in SouthamptonLiz Sibley2015
A History of the Winchester Dramatic SocietyLisbeth Rake (ed.)2014
A Jane Austen QuintetIvor Morris2008
ALABEddie Hardin2004
A Kind of ExplanationHarry Haines1994
Alfred Syson 1880-1952Tim Jones2010
A Lifetime of ScribblingStephen Wade2004
All from the Same PlaceMalcolm Burr2016
A Magic NationDavid Orme2002
A Malayan AffairD.R.M. Holley2014
Andover Bygones: a Collector’s GuidePaul W. Marchant1979
Andrew McKellar: Destined to HealRos Jones2003
A New Way of Doing PoliticsSteve Williams (ed.)2018
Annie Swynnerton: Painter and PioneerChristine Allen2017
Annual Progress ReportNCRN2008
And Yet Again ForgiveBill Allchin2001
An Oilman in BurmaHelen Lefroy2006
AN OtherPhilip Ray2013
Antigua: the Stamps and Postal HistoryCharles Freeland2016
A Passion for WinchesterG. Howard Mellor2008
Archaeology Meets Jane AustenDeborah Charlton2017
A Rolling PebbleJohn D. Glasgow2015
A Season of Mellow FruitfulnessIlse Cornwall Ross1995
A Selection of WorkRobert Adam Architecture2017
Ashfield Design & Community Code 2018
A Skeleton in One’s CupboardGraham Phillips1997
Archetypal GenderMichael Anderton2009
A to Z of AutismFixers2017
Artifact 2012
A Victorian Artist at HomeMichael Hayward2008
A Vision for WinchesterCity of Winchester Trust2018
Awakening the HouseMaura Dooley (ed.)2015
Bahamas: Stamps and Postal Stationery to 1970Peter Fernbank (ed.)2017
Barn Dance GuideGeorge Skipper1981
Bartletts in WalesG. Dawson2011
Beanie and Ells Have an AdventureJuliet Verney2019
Becoming a PatientDr Eileen Thomas2012
Before I forget: My StoryPauline Cook2011
Beginning with GoldFergus & Heather Hinds2019
Behind the CurtainMadelaine Smith2009
Big BillyPeter Dixon1991
Black Fens, White SwansLindley Good1994
Blame It On My YouthGeoffrey King2019
Boys Fixing Body Image IssuesFixers2018
Bright Star: Poems by and about John KeatsMatthew Francis (ed.)1995
Britain - a Nation BetrayedPeter Hargreaves2011
British Printed Papers by Post 1836 to 1876Gavin Fryer2018
Cafe: a short story anthology 2017
Calligraphy and Painting Warm the HeartDr Li Xuzhuang2017
Cambodian Women and the Legacy of WarViv Mackay1995
Cancellations on St. Vincent Stamps 1861-97Michael N. Louka2013
CarolCarol Darby2018
Celebrating 100 Years: Danemark to St. BedeHyde 9002012
Celebrations & CommemorationsChristine Saltonstall2008
CellarmanshipP. J. O’Neill1994
Chalk PoetsStephanie Norgate (ed.)2016
Charles Dickens: from Portsmouth to PickwickDerwin Hope2012
Charles Dickens: my life story Vol. 1Derwin Hope2018
Charles Dickens: my life story Vol. 2Derwin Hope2018
Charles Dickens: my life story Vol. 3Derwin Hope2018
Charles Dickens: the real David CopperfieldDerwin Hope2016
Children’s Future Food InquiryFixers2019
College Street, PetersfieldPetersfield U3A2015
Commander Loftus William JonesDavid Jeffery2016
Come On Winch!John Smith2009
Cool Communities HandbookDavid Gershon2014
Correlation Vol. 24 No. 2 2007
Correlations Vol. 25 No. 1 2007
Correlation Vol. 25 No. 2 2008
Correlation Vol. 26 No. 2 2009
Crisis, Co-Habitation, Contraception and DivorceAnthony Spencer2014
Cruising on the Kennet & Avon CanalChristopher Wright1985
Curfew TimeTony Cavender2017
Cyprus: Early British Period - mainly GB OverprintsMalcolm Warwick2011
Death and Renewal of CreationGillian Limb2002
Design CodesAdam Architecture2016
Diary of the South African WarAlfred Markham2019
Discover the German Shepherd DogJoyce Ixer1998
Dorset OrchardsKim Squirrell (ed.)2005
Double-ThreeIan Giles2017
Down With Acid: a book about Acid RefluxChris Robinson2016
Driftwood OdysseySelwyn Russell Jones1990
Drunkards, Thieves and RiotersBob Clarke2015
Echoes of a Living HellAubrey Cooper2010
EmberCanon David Scott2008
Engineering Golfing Society 1907-2007Michael Dunn2007
En PassantPeter George2003
Essential Winchester Greek Part 1Andrew Leigh2019
Essential Winchester Greek Part 2Andrew Leigh2019
EssentialWinchester Latin Part 2Andrew Leigh2019
Essential Winchester Latin Part 3Andrew Leigh2019
FablesGordon Pirie1993
Fanny Knight’s DiariesDeidre Le Faye2003
Farming at Moat Hall, Newborough, StaffordshireRosalie Hughes2017
Fergus the FurballEmily Snape2019
Folly? I don’t think so!Ann Macdonald2013
Forty Five Hundred Gigs: a Status Quo Touring HistoryAndy Flemmings2017
Free Range PoetryPaul Davies (ed.)2014
Fresh AirBarbara Curtis2003
Friendly Verse 2Friends Meeting House1999
From Christian to QuakerTony Philpott2014
From Guinea Pig to Computer MouseUrsula Zinko1997
From Hiroshima to the HagueKeith Mothersson1992
From Idea to Millionaire!Harry R. Cole2014
From the Swiss Alps to Balsall CommonJohn Barnard2018
Fugitive Pieces: Trifles Light as AirDavid Selwyn (ed.)2006
Galactic PenitentiaryNick Jarman2001
GangsterH.L. Dube2019
Get Him OutNigel White2017
Glimpses of Royal and Political Life in IraqDerek Hill (ed.)1996
God is an Onion: A Selection of PoemsRosemary Wells2016
Godmersham Park, KentNigel Nicolson1996
Gone, but not forgotten: Basingstoke’s Inns and PubsKen Smallbone2018
Hare MoonDavid Thelwell2010
Head in the CloudsChristopher Jarman2001
Here’s Looking at You: Hate and Love in PoliticsBill Allchin1994
Here’s to the Hambledon ClubNeil Jenkinson2001
History of St. Andrew’s Church, ChilcombKeith Barrett2006
Hogwords: New Poetry from HampshireJoan McGavin (ed.)2014
Hospitals of the Petersfield UnionBill Gosney2016
Hugh Thackeray TurnerRobin Stannard2014
Human ChronologyMichael Newgass2015
Hunting with TigersAsa Magnusson2017
Hyde Days and HolidaysNicky Morris (ed.)2014
Hyde: from Dissolution to Victorian SuburbChristine Grover2012
Hyde in Living MemoryHyde 9002010
Hyde MemoriesBarbara Hall (ed.)2003
I Blame My ParentsMaia Datson2016
If Britain is Broken - Who Broke it?Peter Hargreaves2009
If I could Sing I’d tell JokesJackie Lynton2016
I heard a Spider SobbingPeter Dixon1989
I nearly made it, then I fell overJackie Lynton2016
Inside One Head - Inside One MindSusan Hunt2014
Insistent Voices: Stories on Claiming IdentityTony Taylor2003
Inspirational Values: a book of verseSusan M. Ellis2015
Inspired by Hyde: a Hyde 900 AnthologyHyde 9002010
In the MeantimeNick Purkis2017
IstLondon - Fine Porcelain 2019
Its Own PlaceMarion Bond2016
James Stanier ClarkeChris Viveash2006
Jane Austen and Lyme RegisMaggie Lane2003
Jane Austen and the North AtlanticSarah Emsley (ed.)2006
Jane Austen’s Family & TonbridgeMargaret Wilson2001
Jane Austen in BathJean Freeman2002
Jane Austen Society Collected Reports 1996-2000 2005
Jane Austen Society Collected Reports 2001-2005 2008
Jane Austen’s SteventonDeidre Le Faye2007
John William Shannon: a Memoir 2017
Jottings from Russia and the Baltic States: Part 1Martin Kyrle2018
Jottings from the Trans-Siberian RailwayMartin Kyrle2016
Journey of a DancerBernhard Wosien2016
Jump DerryChristine Donovan2010
Just a Face in the CrowdChris Hazelgrove2011
Kilishel: A Short HistoryC. Brett Ingram2007
Kill Me One More TimePeter Yates2017
King George V Key PlatesPeter Fernbank2013
Kipling in IndiaE. Kay Robinson2013
KolymbaoPoppy Koumis (ed.)2016
Kosti Veur NansledanAdam Architecture2017
Lancelot AndrewesCanon David Scott2002
La Grange MemoriesKeith Leaman2019
Leaves from the Tree: the Phizacklea StoryAnnabel Bailey2012
Let Birth be Born AgainJean Sutton2001
Let Them BePeter Dixon2004
Let Your Peaceful Heart SpeakBill Allchin1985
Letters from Jamaica 1961-1965Doreen Binks2015
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1989
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1990
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1991
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1992
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1993
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1994
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1995
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1996
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1997
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1998
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle1999
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2000
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2001
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2002
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2003
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2004
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2005
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2006
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2007
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2008
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2009
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2010
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2011
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2012
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2013
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2014
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2015
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2016
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2017
Liberal Democrat County HandbookMartin Kyrle2018
Life in a Blue Suit and other thingsNicholas Hill-Norton2016
Life is the SourceNatalie Newman2018
Life SentencesBarry Bendel2016
Lifetime JottingsHugh Podger2018
LightBindy Crossland2016
Listening for CluesEric Hadley1996
Little Blue NightbookMartin Kyrle2013
Little Green NightbookMartin Kyrle2010
Littleton’s BoundariesPhilip Lloyd2001
Local Saints & Heroes of the FaithCanon David Scott2010
Locmiquel & ses AlentoursBarry Shurlock2011
Looking BackD.R.M. Holley2017
Loose Muse WinchesterSue Wrinch (ed.)2018
Lucky NormanNorman Woodhouse2014
Lunch at St. Edmund’sYvonne Gorbeck1979
Lunches with LizLyndsay Bird2017
Made in HampshireLiz Shurlock2017
Many Skies Have FallenMaggie Sawkins2018
Maternally GreekDerek Hill1998
Measure, Draw, BuildGeorge Saumarez Smith2017
Meet Steve SharpH.L. Dube2019
Meher Baba’s Visits to EnglandMargaret Hickman2001
Meeting Miss AustenCecily O’Neill2017
MemoirsSir James Arnot Hamilton2010
Men and Cancer: Saving LivesDavid Wilkins2013
Middle ChildEileen Slade1979
Moments in Time: PhotographsKevin Milner2010
Money and MagicHans Christoph Binswanger2016
Montserrat to 1965L.E. Britnor2010
More Recipes from Old AlresfordSusan Alexander1977
Moving Around: War Years and TravelJean Crossley2008
Mr Darcy in Love - & Other Jane Austen StudiesIvor Morris2012
Mr Lock the Hatter Went to WarDr K.S. Cliff2016
Mrs Cotter and the Slit GizzardsKaty Coebergh2017
Mrs? I don’t think so!Ann Macdonald2018
Musical Box Tune Sheets: Fourth SupplementH.A.V. Bulleid2015
My Aunt Jane AustenCaroline Austen1991
My Book of PoemsWalter Richard Chard2012
My Early LifeLeslie Hill2006
My LifeLindy Bradley2007
My Life: how it seemed to meMike Rainey2015
My Life of MemoriesDottie Beer2007
My Life StoryEmil Andrzejewski2008
My National ServiceGeorge Parker2016
My Village: Sheriff Hill, County DurhamJohn Harrison1979
My Wonderful LifeBrian Camden2017
Nevis: the Stamps and Postal History 1661-1890Federico Borromeo2014
Nine Centuries of CareJohn Steel2016
Night SwallowtailsAndrena Yeats2018
NostalgiaVenelia Ferguson2011
Not Just TalkingSioban Boyce2014
Not Quite What You Wanted, NoraMark Cooper2018
Nursing Sisters’ Letters Home 1916 - 1920Derek Hill (ed.)1996
Offline PursuitsAlex Shannon2014
Open the GateJohn Stephens2017
Optimal Foetal PositioningJean Sutton1996
Out of the BoxAdrian Bishop2001
Painting into PoetryMichael Thorpe2014
Parish for SaleRobert Leishman2019
Please give me your heart to holdHelen Mort (ed)2019
Potty? I don’t think so!Ann Macdonald2012
Prince’s Mead Yearbook 2013
Princes of the YenRichard Werner2016
Raising the Roofbeams: poemsNick Purkiss2020
RatifiedVirginia Warbey2004
Recipes and Tales from Three Saints in Winchester 2018
ReflectionsJo Hall2017
Reflections in the SamovarMoira Clark1992
Registered LabelsDennis Watson2012
Remember with BetteBette Olive-Jones1998
Reminiscences of Caroline AustenDeirdre Le Faye2004
ReproductionsMichael Hayward2006
Road Raging 1997
SabbaticalCanon David Scott2002
SalmagundiWinchester Writing Group2001
Salt on the CoalsMimi Khalvati (ed.)2016
Scarlet Soho - A Visual HistoryJim Knight2015
Seven Walks around King’s Somborne 2009
Sir Hamish MacLaren: a BiographyMichael Keane2013
Silence as Meeting PlaceWanda Nash2010
SissinghurstV. Sackville-West1999
Slices of CakeJulian Carlick2015
Social Entrepreneurship Awards ToolkitAction Hampshire2017
Society of Portrait Sculptors Exhibition Catalogue 2016
Society of Portrait Sculptors Exhibition Catalogue 2018
Society of Portrait Sculptors Exhibition Catalogue 2019
Something PersistsStephen Boyce2014
Somewhere to keep the rainSarah Howe (ed.)2017
Sons of the EarthMark Cooper2019
Sophie’s Magic WandIvan Brett2011
StandpointPeter Dixon1993
St. Cross & The Cemetery of St. James, WinchesterG. Belfield/ P. Bogan1999
St. Cross Cookbook Vol. 1 2015
St Cross Cookbook Vol. 2 2018
St. Swithun’s DayStella Davis2004
Stamp Booklets 1962 - 2013Chris Georgallis2014
Steamship Lines to the Caribbean Vol. 2Michael R. Rego2007
Steamship Lines to the Caribbean Vol. 3Michael R. Rego2008
Still Point and Moving WorldMaria-Gabriele Wosien2017
Stories you can only read in this bookPeter Hargreaves
String of PearlsLaura Shannon (ed.)2016
Sustainable New HousingEirene Williams (ed.)2005
Table Top BattlesMichael Smith2019
TadpoleSheila Trussler2019
Tales out of SchoolAnthony Spencer (ed.)2016
Tastes of the Test Valley Cook Book 2015
Tell Me a StoryAl Madad Foundation2017
The Awful Book of Rotten VerseM.M. Glover2011
The Barker FamilyDennis Pearce
The Best of 2014Writers’ Festival2014
The Best of 2015Writers’ Festival2015
The Best of 2016Writers’ Festival2016
The Best of 2017Writers’ Festival2017
The Big House - Arlebury ParkJan Field2019
The Book of Ron & ShirleyRon Cassidy2016
The Case for Divorce Law ReformGeorge Brown2007
The Cook Book: Stockbridge, Longstock and Leckford 2010
The Curse on Patrick SellarDorothy Richardson1999
The Dancing Circle Volume TwoJudy King (ed.)1996
The Dancing Circle Volume FiveJudy King (ed)2011
The Complete Poems of James AustenDavid Selwyn (ed.)2003
The Co-Op and BasingstokeBarbara Applin (ed.)2012
The Diaries of an 18th Century ParsonClive Burton1978
The Dingle Sheep Who Could Not SleepMark Stratton2018
The Dog from Dingle Who Lost His BarkMark Stratton2016
The Double-Edged DaggerNagase Takashi1994
The Double SquintTessa Atton2015
The Ecology and Management of GrasslandsAndrew Cherrill (ed.)2007
The First World War: Fair OakHelen Douglas2014
The Further Adventures of…Jackie Lynton2019
The Good Scoff Cook BookAlison McKay2013
The Grave-digger’s SandwichDavid Orme1992
The Heart RemembersLorna Wells2018
The History of Alresford Golf Club 2015
The History of Fair Oak and Horton HeathHelen Douglas2016
The Home of HatsDr K.S. Cliff2018
The Houses: A Family ChronicleJean Crossley2007
The Human Figure as Architectural Support in SicilyChiara Brambilla-Hall2013
The Hursley LadsAntonia Stickland2014
The Hurley Lads (2nd ed.)Antonia Stickland2018
The Hypnobirthing BookKatharine Graves2012
The Idea of the Church in the New TestamentIvor Morris2016
The IntruderRuth Dorrien Pennyman 1982
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 1992 1993
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 1993 1994
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 1994 1995
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 1995 1996
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 1996 1997
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 1997 1998
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 1998 1999
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 1999 2000
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2000 2001
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2001 2002
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2002 2003
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2003 2004
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2004 2005
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2005 2006
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2006 2007
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2007 2008
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2008 2009
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2009 2010
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2010 2011
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2011 2012
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2012 2013
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2013 2014
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2014 2015
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2015 2016
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2016 2017
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2017 2018
The Jane Austen Society Annual Report 2018 2019
The Last ButterflyRichard Ffrench-Constant2014
The Letters of Mrs LefroyHelen Lefroy2007
The Liberals in Hampshire: Part 1Martin Kyrle2012
The Liberals in Hampshire: Part 2Martin Kyrle2014
The Liberals in Hampshire: Part 3Martin Kyrle2017
The Liberals in Hampshire: Part 4Martin Kyrle2020
The Life and Times of Edward Arthur TriggJulie Peckham2015
The Life and Times of Reverend Robert WrightDavid Taylor2019
The Life of BrianBrian Camden2017
The Life that is truly LifeP.J. Kenber2019
The London ChildrenArthur Molden2017
The Memoirs of Ena GalbraithJane Barbour (ed.)2005
The Men who broke the Labour PartyPeter Hargreaves2014
The Metamorphic TechniqueMichael Hayward2014
The MunGavin Archive of Pioneer FlightsStan Wheatcroft2004
The Old Citizens Golfing Association 1909-2009Greg Matthews2009
The Open WindowNorah Elizabeth Macnab1986
The Pearl DiverLorna and Graham Wells2018
The Organist Pipes UpMartin Penrose2019
The Pembrokes of DeptfordStephen Pembroke2010
The Porter’s Daughter: the Life of Amy Audrey LockeWinifred Dawson2014
The Practicalities of Climate ChangeLucy Emery (ed.)2006
The Refugee Stamps of Cyprus 1974 - 2015John Sims2014
The 7 Sins of ArchitectsRobert Adam2013
The Second World War: Fair OakHelen Douglas2014
The Sheep’s In The HenhouseJuliet Verney2012
The Silver Toilet RollPeter Dixon2001
The Sparsholt Guide to the Management of CarpChris Seagrave (ed.)2001
The Spirit of the MarshTony Taylor (ed.)2012
The Stamps and Postal History of MalayaRob Holley2016
The Story of Amelia the BumblebeeElizabeth Pill2019
The Strawberry Village - a personal review of Hedge EndM.V. Pharo1978
The Three HoursCanon David Scott2003
The Tipperary MinstrelDarby Ryan2018
The Weird Fish FactopiaMartyn Warren2012
The Winchester Latin Course Part 1Andrew Leigh2019
The Winchester Latin Course Part 3Andrew Leigh2019
The Witches OlympicsSam Vinson2017
Thirsting for WaterNicholas Gray2017
Time Gentlemen Please!Phil Yates2007
Time Without End: A Family’s StoryJudith Jensen Morris2013
Titchfield: an Ancient Parish 2011
Titchfield: a Place in History 2009
ToadPigMark Stratton2019
Twenty Missed Beats: The Portsmouth Music SceneTony Rollinson1996
Two MindsLucy Lloyd/Mark Kass2019
Twyford Waterworks GuideJ. Gregory2009
Up Somborne and RookleyGordon T. Pearson2016
Ur? I don’t Think So!Ann Macdonald2013
V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N.Oliver Gray2001
Verses by MaryMary Merwood2019
Victorian SchooldaysTwyford School1985
VolumeOliver Gray2000
Waiting to DescendHarry Haines1990
Waiting to Descend: the Collected Poems 1951-2006Harry Haines2006
WalkiesMaggie Knutson2018
Watching People CryNigel White2018
Watching People Cry (new edition)Nigel White2019
Wayfarer’s WinchesterRodney Hubbuck1986
WeepersPeter Dixon2003
Wells of ThoughtRosemary Wells2019
Western StoryJeffrey Burton2008
When in Rome: Recipes from ItalyFelicity Calderari2015
When Snows of Winter FallCraig Morgan Robson2007
Who Owns Sparsholt?Eddie Bush2009
Who We AreTony Andrew Moore2016
Wights and AncestorsJenny Blain2000
Winchester: a Fair CityJeffrey Smith2007
Winchester: Heart of a CityAndrew Rutter2010
Winchester: Old City Young ViewsRichard Baker (ed.)2013
Winchester: the Square and Great Minster StreetWinchester Preservation1985
Winchester Uke Jam - Ukulele Songbook Vol. 3Andy Martin2017
Winchester Wives Fellowship 1916 - 2016Mary Harris2016
Worthy CausesPamela Johnston2017
Young JaneCecily O’Neill2016
ZanderOliver Gray2013

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