About us

Sarsen Press began operating from St. John’s Rooms in the Broadway, Winchester, in 1977, in association with a community theatre company. In 1979 we moved to 22 Hyde Street, Winchester, and have been there ever since.

The past fifty years have seen massive changes in printing technology with offset litho taking over from letterpress, the advent of desktop publishing, and then digitisation transforming operating procedures.

We were always litho printers, although we did have a Heidelberg Original Platen letterpress machine for a few years as well. Until the Apple Mac appeared on the scene all the artwork was produced laboriously from pasting up hard copy: Letraset, screened photographs, and text from IBM Golfball typewriters or Varitypers – and of course stuck down with CowGum!

In 1985 David Eno Graphics (with whom we shared premises) and ourselves, bought two MacPlus computers, two copies of PageMaker, and an A4 300dpi black and white laserprinter: the digital revolution had begun! The cost was £11,500.

Better litho presses, computer-to-plate platemaking, Risographs, black and white and then colour photocopiers, and then colour digital presses followed over the years.

And then came 2020 and the Pandemic. We had to make our litho operator and our print finisher redundant, and cease litho printing. Now we just use digital presses and have recently replaced our oldest press with a modern one.

About 75% of what we do is produced in-house, but if there is something that we cannot do or we we can get a better deal for our customers then we may out-source to one of our trusted suppliers.

Our aims and principles have always been the same:

  • Personal service from experienced staff
  • High quality work at reasonable prices
  • Working with customers to achieve the result they require
  • Being socially and environmentally responsible

Opening hours


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM





01962 854281


22 Hyde Street, Winchester,
Hampshire SO23 7DR